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Awesome that you are interested in moving into the CA!


Text questions

To learn about you and how good you would fit into the CA, we ask you three longer text questions. Please keep it short and answer in less than 1.000 characters each. Only the first two fields are mandatory.

Take a look at our vision.


To keep the house a diverse place we tasked ourselves with multiple soft quotas. Please help us to not loose sight of those by answering the following questions. If you don't want to answer any of the questions, that is also fine.

Not answering questions in this section will not have a negative impact on your application!

Please answer with your expected ocupation at the expected moving date in April or May 2022.

If you answered "Other" in the previous question, you can also add a comment here.

If you own multiple citizenships, you may also choose one of them here.

That could be somebody applying concurrently or already living in the house.

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We are keeping this data only for the duration of your application, after which it will be deleted. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.