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Education in the CA is self-determined and holistic.

Developed by the house residents and open for everybody, Studium Generale is a program of tutorials and events which will accompany university studies. It will reflect student interests and deal with key challenges in society. Gaining insight into various aspects of one’s own field of study and knowing the general tasks of science will be as important as concrete issues of sustainability. The goal is to support young academics internally as well as to provide a forum where speakers from different areas of expertise can present their views.

Educational Concept

A special feature of our educational concept is the propaedeutic studies in the Old House: a preparatory one-year and interdisciplinary course will be offered to young people at the stage between school and university. Critical discussion of different subjects will be the basis for rethinking perspectives and working together across disciplines.

Specifically for these preparatory studies, a scientific advisory board will be established. It will consist of active and former professors and scientists who will consult and support the concept.
In this context, education is understood not only as training or university study, but as fostering free and active citizenship. Studying academic subjects will be backed by practical skills and personal development.

Project-based studying is planned by the CA as a large self-managed project with everyone getting involved and taking responsibility. Also, new cultural and practical hands-on initiatives may arise in workshops and common areas where different working and project groups are brought together.

Seminar rooms, workshops and forum are intended to be available especially for outside groups for regular events. In this way, the CA will become a center of education, a meeting point for creativity and exchange which will be attractive beyond the district and neighbourhood it is located in.

This innovative concept fits perfectly into the motto “Wissen schafft Stadt” (knowledge-based urbanism) of the International Building Exhibition. For its future orientation and pilot character, the concept was selected in 2015 to be an IBA-PROJECT.

Der Feuer Voigl

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Der Fertig Voigl

You are already interested in moving into the CA at the end of July or in August 2022 and to participate in the self-management?