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Our Work

We are a voluntary student initiative of about 20 people working on building a self-governed student dormitory in Heidelberg, hoping to provide living space for up to 220 students since we started in 2013. We are based on the philosophy of Heidelberg’s Collegium Academicum, a student dorm that existed until the 1970s, wishing to create a space for affordable and autonomous living for Heidelberg’s students, initiating a democratic environment and making cultural and social exchange possible, all within the context of education.


Innovative wood construction and creative repurposing: the Collegium Academicum is to be built on former military grounds – affordable living space for more than 200 young people and room for enthusiastic communication and creativity.


The project-oriented workspace program, the propadeutic building and the “Studium Generale” – the CA’s interdisciplinary concept of education offers orientation and is all-inclusive; it invites criticism while simultenously leaving room for new initiatives.


Sustainable thinking – from the get-go! Mindful use of resources is not just crucial for the CA functioning in the future, it’s a central element in construction as well. The keyword in our sustainable community is sufficiency: to focus on the essential and develop a responsible attitude toward the environment.


Self-management through self-definition! Independant, collaborative and open – that’s how the CA functions, focused on mutual agreement and transparent structures in a democratic system of self-government.