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Moving in

We have answers to the most common questions in our FAQ. If you have further questions you can write us under

The construction of the new wooden building has already begun and we are finally ready: In August 2022, the first renters will move into our self-managed student house. But a housing project will only become a house through the many people who make it a joyful and lively place. That is why we are looking for great people who want to live there with us! Applications for spots in the new CA are open from now! Here, you can see how many of our 176 future residents we have chosen already - we are still looking for you! (last update: 2022/06/22)



If you are interested in sustainability, education and self-organisation, our address could become your address. Maybe you'll start studying in Heidelberg in 2022 and will be looking for an apartment? Or maybe you are enthusiastic about living in a large community? Or you may simply be looking for a change of scenery?

Here a small summary of the numbers about living in the new CA house: One room in the CA will cost approximately 312 EUR per month including all utilities, except electricity. We are constantly working on reducing the rent by all means possible. If and how that succeeds, mostly depends on how the construction costs develop.

The rooms are approximately 14 square meters big and are contained in shared flats of 3 or 4 rooms each. The private rooms can be halved into 7 square meters which vice versa increases the common room size of the flat. Included in the rent, are also the big common areas in the house, for example, the big assembly hall for 600 people, the multi-functional room and the big roof terrace.

The flats are prepared to be barrier-free.

The most important for us is that you want to take your life into your own hands, together with other people. Make yourself familiar with our vision and the “Mietshäusersyndikat”. If this fits to you, then please apply for a room and / or sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page. Another condition is that you are studying, doing an apprenticeship or a doctorate. If you would like to have a look at your future home before or after your application, please send us an email to . We can then decide together in what form this is possible at the time.

As we have many rooms to fill and are accordingly expecting many applications, we do have to formalize the application process a bit. We developed the application process over a longer time, and think it is reasonably transparent, fair and inclusive. If you feel you are disadvantaged by the process or unhappy with it out of other reasons, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you would like to have a look at your future home before or after your application, please send us an email . We can then decide together in what form this is possible at the time.

Here is how the application process for a room in the new CA works:

  1. You fill out the application form, either in German or English. Please take note of the maximum text lengths.
  2. We take a look at the incoming applications and sort out who will be invited to an application day. One-quarter of the slots for the application days will be randomly drawn. Depending on how many applications we receive, we might not be able to invite to an application day right away and only can reconsider your application on a later date.
  3. Application days: Following a positive selection, we will send you a number of possible dates for the application days. There will be an application day approximately every second weekend. Please then, register for one of the application days. Because of restricted capacity, we want to invite at maximum double the number applicants as we have free rooms.
    It is the goal of the application day to give you an insight into various topics of self-managed housing. Furthermore, we can meet you more in-depth and thus make a more informed decision. There will be a group phase and in parallel 10 minutes long single conversations.
    Throughout the day we will make notes. Not to assess you and put you into fixed categories but to have a clear image of your afterwards and also to mitigate our own biases.
  4. Some days after the application day, you will get a response from us. If you could make it, we will inform you about the further steps (help during the construction phase, picking the actual room etc.). Further, you and us would each sign a letter of intent. This letter is not binding you to do anything (it is not a rental contract) but it gives you the security than nobody else will be able to take your spot. Also, the letter of intent helps us, for example, to prove to our bank that we found the necessary number of renters.

P.S.: For all do-it-yourself enthusiasts and people who like to create things with their hands: the weather prospects seem to be positive. We are building some of the furniture and facade elements by ourselves in our in-house workshop. Therefore, we welcome anyone motivated to help us! This also applies, of course, to the many other tasks that have to be done for such a huge project as the CA. If you would like to move in and/ or already have time, please contact us:

You can instead / additionally sign up here for the moving-in newsletter (German):

Your mail address is necessary.