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Moving in

The construction of the new wooden building has already begun and will be finished in 2021. But a housing project will only become a house through the many people who make it a joyful and lively place. That is why we are looking for great people who want to live there with us!

If you are interested in sustainability, education and self-organisation, our address could become your address. Maybe you’ll start studying in Heidelberg in 2021 and will be looking for an apartment? Or maybe you are enthusiastic about living in a large community? Or you may simply be looking for a change of scenery?

The most important for us is that you want to take your life into your own hands, together with other people. Make yourself familiar with our vision and the “Mietshäusersyndikat”. If this fits to you, just sign up at the bottom of the page.

P.S.: For all do-it-yourself enthusiasts and people who like to create things with their hands: the weather prospects seem to be positive. We are building some of the furniture and facade elements by ourselves in our in-house workshop. Therefore, we welcome anyone motivated to help us! This also applies, of course, to the many other tasks that have to be done for such a huge project as the CA. If you would like to move in and/ or already have time, please contact us:

Your mail address is necessary.

Der Feuer Voigl

You share our vision of a self-managed house community and you would like to contribute to its realization?

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