The New House is innovatively designed and is being built almost entirely out of wood which is used as a renewable resource. For the building operations, we will use renewable energy as much as possible. With energy-saving amenities and insulation, the energy efficiency can be increased even further. This is how the architectural design supports the city masterplan “100% climate action”.

Because of our creative housing concept with the ambition to focus on the essential (sufficiency principle) our project will serve as a real-life model for research. The German Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) will use it for a study on living conditions that save space and offer a high quality of life.

In the shared apartments, the wall panels are movable which allows for individuality and reduces space consumption at the same time. The rooms are multifunctional as they can accommodate different usage possibilities and suit for various project needs. This allows to optimise use of available space.

Bicycle shelters, public transport connections right on the doorstep and parking spaces for car sharing provide for sustainable mobility.

Besides these physical structures, we have also developed organizational structures that support sustainable community life. Sufficiency creates room for creative ideas! Foodsharing, cooking together, urban gardening promote both the sense of community and sustainable food use. Collaboratively repairing things helps to save money, brings joy and sometimes even a feeling of success. Exchanging, borrowing and using together, sharing work and producing on our own – all this will reduce dependency, foster regional economy and finally make us more competent and autonomous.

Der Feuer Voigl

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Der Fertig Voigl

You are interested in moving into the dormitory in the new building or into one of our subsidised social rented flats in the old building?

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