February 2023

176 young people move into the new CA building


December 2022

Construction approval (for the renovation of the large old building)

November 2022

4,000,000 € in direct loans raised, of which 1,200,000 € are for the old buildings

September 2022

Relocation of the CnC wood mill to the workshop in the new building.

July to August 2022

Four participatory workcamps with a lot of construction work by ourselves, framed by diverse workshops and community activities

June 2022

The arcade of the new building is finished.

March 2022

1,000,000€ in direct loans raised for our old building.

January 2022

The milling of the room furniture for the new building is completed.


September 2021

3,000,000€ in direct loans raised, of which 500,000€ for the grand old building

End of summer 2021

Three workcamps with project group members, future residents and outsiders

June 2021

Laying of the foundation stone in the new building, during which a time capsule was buried


September 2020

Start of planning for the renovation of the old buildings, in cooperation with the architectural office Gerstner + Hofmeister

September 2020

Concreting the floor slab

August 2020

Two-week German-French Workcamp

July 2020

Start of direct loan advertising for the old buildings

Juni 2020

Laying of the foundation lines for the new buildings

May 2020

Start of construction (new building)

March 2020

Furnishing of the workshop and purchase of a CNC wood mill for self-assembly of furniture.


November 2019

2,000,000€ in direct loans raised for the new building.

July 2019

Symbolic ground-breaking.

June 2019

Purchase of the land and conclusion of the loan agreement with the bank.

April 2019

Stand for testing the installation and sound insulation of the flexible walls.

April 2019

The project group meets for a second teambuilding weekend at the Bacherlebnisstation in Ladenburg.

February 2019

1,500,000€ in direct loans and donations raised.


October 2018

1,000,000€ in direct loans and donations raised

September 2018

Commitment of €500,000 in funding for innovations in timber construction from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

May 2018

The Collegium Academicum becomes a member of the Mietshäuser Syndikat. The syndicate becomes the second shareholder of the GmbH.

May 2018

We are completing our 1-to-1 model of a future dorm room and displaying it at various locations in Heidelberg.

April 2018

The project group meets for a first teambuilding weekend at the Fritzinnen Hof in the southern Black Forest.

February 2018

Federal Minister for Building Barbara Hendricks presents the funding certificate for the ‘Variowohnen’ programme.

February 2018

Obtaining planning and building permission for the new building.


December 2017

Commitment of funding amounting to 2,193 million euros from the Future Investment Programme ‘Modellvorhaben Variowohnen’ of the Federal Ministry of Building.

October 2017

Submission of the grant application: Variowohnen funding programme

September 2017

Completion of service phases 3 and 4 with our architect Hans Drexler from DGJ Architektur.

June 2017

Service phases 1 and 2 of the architectural and specialist planning services for the new building have been completed.

April 2017

We win the crowdfunding contest of SPONSORT and the IBA.

February 2017

Our planning team for architecture, structural design, fire protection, building physics and technical building equipment is complete.


November 2016

Start of direct credit advertising

October 2016

Printing of the info brochure, as well as the direct_loan_information.

September 2016

Application for funding under the Holz Innovativ Programme for innovative use of wood in modern construction to the MLR/European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

August 2016

Formulation of the mission statement. Concretisation and formulation of the principles and guidelines.

June 2016

Letter of Intent from the City of Heidelberg for the purchase of the US Hospital site.

June 2016

Application for funding under the Variowohnen Programm for model student housing at the BMUB.

April 2016

<img alt=‘Das Holzmodell des Neubaus’ src=‘model.jpg’i />
Completion of the planning draft

März 2016

Founding of the private limited company Collegium Academicum GmbH

February 2016

Commitment to the area of the US Hospital in Rohrbach.

January 2016

Conducting architecture workshops in cooperation with the architect’s office Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects and supporting the IBA Heidelberg.


December 2015

Start with the preparation of a first planning draft.

November 2015

The municipal council decides that the CA should be considered in the Patton Barracks development decision.

October 2015

Opening of the exhibition Collegium Academicum: Living and Learning Together 1945 - 1985 - 2015.

June 2015

Mitgliedern des CA Teams wird die iba Projekt Urkunde übergeben
The Collegium Academicum is chosen as a project by the supervisory board of the International Building Exhibition Heidelberg.

May 2015

Educational workshop together with the IBA, funded by the Stiftung Trias.

March 2015

Präsentation während des Suffizienzworkshops
Sufficiency workshop together with the IBA.


December 2014

Foundation of the Förderverein Collegium Academicum Heidelberg e.V. emerging from the former Vereinigung Collegium Academicum Heidelberg e.V. of 1985.

June 2014

Foundation of the association Wohnheim Collegium Academicum e.V.

May 2014

Bestandsgebäude der Patton Barracks
Decision to focus on the conversion area Patton Barracks in Heidelberg-Kirchheim.

April 2014

Admission as a candidate for the International Building Exhibition Heidelberg ‘Wissen creates city by the board of trustees in the first round.


November 2013

Start of counselling by the Mietshäuser Syndikat.

June 2013

First talks with the Studierendenwerk (students’ union) and exchange of experiences.

June 2013

The Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg (college of education) assures support for the project

May 2013

Heidelberg University pledges support for the project.

May 2013

Elaboration of a first sufficiency concept.

February 2013

First talks with the conversion office for the old military sites and the city administration.

February 2013

Foundation of an advisory board

January 2013

Start of participation in the network hd_vernetzt (cooperative housing network).

January 2013

Logo Collegium Academicum 2013
The project Collegium Academicum - A self-governed student residence for Heidelberg is launched.


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Der Fertig Voigl

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