Temporarily available rooms in the old building

Applications for the rooms are currently no longer possible.

Would you like to get a taste of self-administration? Then you've come to the right place here at the ecological and self-managed CA (Collegium Academicum) housing project. Our old building combines a variety of living concepts. We want to bring together different living environments and enable even more people to participate in communal, self-managed living.

The rooms advertised here are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of our old building and are organized in corridor communities. We rent the rooms for 6 months before they are used for our orientation year falt*r from fall 2024. We are therefore looking for students, trainees or FSJ students who are looking for an interim rent for 6 months and/or would like to get a taste of our housing project without obligation, are only in Heidelberg for half a year or urgently need a room.

All rooms have the following address:

Ossip-Mandelstam-Straße 1
69126 Heidelberg-Rohrbach

An overview with floor plans, room sizes and rent levels can be found further down on this page.

The private living space is complemented by various rooms that are shared by the entire project: Workshops, assembly hall, multifunctional room, seminar rooms and workrooms. There is also central internet access and plenty of (garden) space for strolling around outside. The building uses an ecological construction method: This includes an insulation standard of KfW 55, interior walls made of straw, passive ventilation, triple-glazed windows and green electricity from its own roof.

You should be in the mood for a colorful house community. Due to our location on the US hospital conversion site, there is currently often a building site around us with the associated noise. There is also a large assembly hall in our new building next door, which is regularly used for events (including parties and other evening events).

Progress occupancy:


Floor plans and amount of rent

Incidental costs: 80 € (the same for everyone)

The room sizes are listed below. Of course, the rent also includes the use of the communal kitchen and bathroom, as well as the communal areas of the housing project (workshops, assembly hall, multi-purpose room, seminar rooms and study rooms).

Second floor

Room Size Basic rent Warm rent
2.3.02 20.53 m2 €420 €500
2.3.03 21.87 m2 €479 €550
2.3.04 23.82 m2 €479 €550
2.3.07 19.90 m2 €420 €500
2.3.08 19.07 m2 €420 €500
2.4.04 20.17 m2 €470 €550
2.4.05 26.74 m2 €470 €550
2.4.06 20.41 m2 €470 €550
2.5.04 20.96 m2 €470 €550
2.5.05 21.39 m2 €470 €550

Third floor

Room Size Basic rent Warm rent
3.3.13 18.71 m2 €420 €500
3.3.16 20.13 m2 €420 €500
3.3.20 19.96 m2 €420 €500
3.4.08 19.47 m2 €420 €500
3.4.12 18.97 m2 €420 €500
3.5.08 9.99 m2 €290 €370
3.5.09 14.33 m2 €390 €470
3.5.11 14.63 m2 €390 €470