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Innovative wooden building: Affordable housing for 176 young people and room for creative ideas and vivid exchange. More...

Housing is a basic right: We provide social rental housing in our old building. More...

Socio-ecological transformation, democracy, community, study and training orientation: these are the core themes of the 10-month orientation year in the old building, which will soon start with the first cohort. More...

Since 2013, we have been working as a volunteer project group to create affordable, self-managed and ecologically sound housing for over 250 people on the conversion site "US Hospital" in Heidelberg. In doing so, we are building directly on the basic ideas of the "Collegium Academicum" (CA) dormitory that existed in Heidelberg's old town until the 1970s: Democratic organisation, socially critical thinking, self-managed living and diverse educational and cultural events.

Our project includes a new four-storey wooden building that provides affordable and self-determined housing for 176 students, trainees and doctoral students. The first 176 residents of the new wooden building moved in in February 2023.

In addition, starting in 2024, approximately 50 young people will live in community in an adjacent old building as part of an orientation year. In addition, eight apartments will create further living space in this building, six of which will be rent-controlled social housing. You can move in with us if you have a housing entitlement certificate!

The two large buildings will be complemented by a former gatehouse, which will house a self-managed café that will be open as a meeting place for the residents and the district.

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Vacant rooms / flats

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Der Feuer Voigl

You share our vision of a self-managed house community and you would like to contribute to its realization?

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Der Fertig Voigl

You are interested in moving into the dormitory in the new building or into one of our subsidised social rented flats in the old building?

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