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Direct loans

With your financial support for the Collegium Academicum, you are promoting a self-managed housing project, creative young people and self-determined learning and living in Heidelberg. This will be more than a home for over 200 young people. We are creating a place to meet, an inspiring environment to unlock potentials, a place for chasing dreams and growing together as a community through concrete projects and living together.

Your direct loan helps to empower young people and enables them to experience that they are able to make a difference and change their environment.

You also support an innovative building project that sets an example in terms of sustainability through its wooden construction. At present, we mainly need direct loans for the two old buildings, which we will renovate as ecologically and cost-effectively as possible in order to convert rooms formerly used by the military into rooms for our orientation year. Especially the shop-café shall enrich the life in the Heidelberg district Rohrbach.

Your help is welcome! Please take a look at our webpages and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Current status

With an incredible 4 million euros, hundreds of people have contributed to the success of our project with direct loans. We are proud of our funding campaign so far and grateful for the enormous support.

New building

We have already successfully raised about 2.9 million euros in direct loans (as of October 2023) to finance the new building. Thank you to all those who are supporting us financially to ensure the success of the project. In order to cope with increases in construction costs, we still urgently need about 400,000 euros for the new building and therefore continue to need your support!

Old building

We have successfully collected 1.55 million euros in direct loans for the old buildings (as of October 2023) and have thus met our funding target. We say thank you! As we keep repaying older direct loans, direct loans will also keep flowing into the financing of the old buildings.

Here you can read why we need direct loans and how they work.