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Freely financed apartments

We are currently not accepting any further applications.

You want to live self managed? You are interested in sustainable and ecological living in a community? Then we, the CA (Collegium Academicum), are the right place for you. We are an ecological and self-managed housing project and are looking for residents for our newly renovated building.

Our old building combines a variety of living concepts. In this way, we want to bring together different lifestyles and enable even more people to participate in communal, self-managed living. The old building will soon be filled with life through an orientation year (50 young people), social housing (6 apartments) and the two apartments described here. Unlike the adjacent new-build residential home, people of all ages and in all circumstances can move in here.

While the eastern part of the building is mainly intended for participants of the Orientation Year, the ground floor and the west of our old building contain flats that can function as a whole rented flat or as a shared flat. In addition, all residents of our project can benefit from large, versatile communal areas inside and outside our buildings.

All flats have the following address:

Ossip-Mandelstam-Straße 1
69126 Heidelberg-Rohrbach

One 6-room flat and one 2-room flat on the 2nd and 3rd floor (see plans below) are not bound by the occupancy requirements of the social rental space subsidy.

The large flat (apartment 2) is intended for a shared flat: people who want to actively participate in the management of our old building and fill the CA with life should live together here.

Any questions? Then write us at

Progress occupancy:


Floor plans and amount of rent

Apartment 1 (2 rooms)

Second floor

Floor space: 74 m2
  • room 1 (18 m2)
  • room 2 (17 m2)
  • kitchen (20 m2)
  • bathroom (5 m2)
  • a storage room (4 m2)
Monthly cold rent 780 €
Incidental costs Expected 235 €

Apartment 2 (6 rooms) - no longer available

Maisonette apartment, Second floor to attic floor

Floor space: 136 m2

  • a large eat-in kitchen (32 m2)
  • two large rooms (15 m2 | 26 m2)
  • four further rooms (8,5 m2 | 9 m2 | 9 m2 | 12 m2)
  • one bathroom per floor (5 m2 | 4 m2)
  • storage possibility in the pointed roof

Montly cold rent 1910 €
Incidental costs Expected 510 €

The apartment is well suited for a bigger group living in a shared apartment. We would like at least five people to move into the flat, as accommodation are rare in Heidelberg and we would like to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to live in our project. It is possible to move in with up to eight people.