Collegium Academicum is a non-profit project and, therefore, no large investors are involved. We want it to be a common project for many people, something we can all be proud of. This can only become reality if we can spread the work and funding on as many shoulders as possible.


Our sources of Funding include bank loans, public grants, sponsoring, direct loans and donations. The direct loans are smaller loans made by individuals and companies. We use those as our own capital resources needed to be able to apply for regular bank loans. These direct loans are subordinate to bank loans and will be repaid from future rental income too. Please find more information on the direct loan section.

To become part of our team

We are always looking for new members! Our project team is open and welcomes everybody who is just as enthusiastic about self-managed living and studying as we are. In our team, we all come from diverse backgrounds and each one finds a way to contribute ideas and get involved.

Der Feuer Voigl

You share our vision of a self-managed house community and you would like to contribute to its realization?

Support us with a direct loan.

Der Fertig Voigl

You are interested in moving into the dormitory in the new building or into one of our subsidised social rented flats in the old building?

Here you can find information on how to apply!