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About us

We are a team of young people planning the new house of Collegium Academicum (CA) together. The team and the idea for the project both emerged in Plöck 93, a self-managed house community. This house is maintained since 1985 by a non-profit Association Collegium Academicum Heidelberg e.V.1 in order to give students the possibility to educate themselves and get involved beyond their studies. Being successor of the former CA that existed from 1945 to 1978 in Seminarstraße 2, the Association acts as a link between generations and encourages the exchange of experiences.

Our team is motivated, active and open. We see ourselves as designers and facilitators of the future dormitory. We invite everybody interested to participate in our project. Our vision summarises the goals and principles governing our living together.

The focus of the new CA is on education, because we strongly believe that education is the basis for a functioning and open society. People who are mature and critical thinkers can lead a self-determined life and take action for a just and forward-looking society. We want to contribute and to take responsibility with an interdisciplinary and reflective educational program that is based on practical experience.

Many different people have actively worked on the project in the past. Here are some former members:

  1. Members of the support association are former and current residents and anyone who would like to support us through membership. ↩︎

Der Feuer Voigl

You share our vision of a self-managed house community and you would like to contribute to its realization?

Support us with a direct loan.

Der Fertig Voigl

You are interested in moving into the dormitory in the new building or into one of our subsidised social rented flats in the old building?

Here you can find information on how to apply!